Thursday, 28 April 2011

Amsterdam - post 1

I spent Monday to Wednesday in Amsterdam, we drank a hell of a lot more than we ate.  What we ate was of dubious choice and quality (pizza slices, chips...).

The nicest thing we ate the whole trip was a sandwich on the first day.

It was bacon, goats cheese, pine nuts and honey - was delicious!  The bacon was crispy, the goats cheese gooey and the honey gave it a lovely sweetness.  We never found the cafe we got these sandwiches from again, we'd been on our hired bikes when we saw it.  I managed to fall off my bike trying to get off in front of everyone sat outside the cafe...

I would have liked to have eaten at an authentic Dutch restaurant while I was in Amsterdam, but it wasn't a foodie trip, although I did get to go to a cheese farm - which I'll devote a whole post to.

Have you been to Amsterdam or tried any Dutch food?