Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New home, new kitchen

Due to moving house and being very busy I've neglected my blog lately.  I promise to do better in the future...

I'm all set up in my new home now, internet and telephone connected today.  I've cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and pulled muscles in places I didn't realise I had muscles....

My new kitchen is half the size of the one I used before, but we do have a separate utility room, which is housing some of my Le Creuset collection.  I've also got some herbs on a shelf in the window of our living room.

The cooker is as old as me from the look of it - and has electric hobs...dislike... My flatmate spent a good few hours getting the cooker sparkling clean yesterday.

I've already cooked one proper meal (I don't regard throwing a pizza in the oven and rustling up some salad leaves as cooking).  Yesterday I whipped up some smoked cod fishcakes with roasted vegetables.  I was too tired and hungry to do any photos but they were very nice, and being able to cook made me feel a little bit more at home.

I don't think it's quite sunk in that this is where I live yet.  I suppose it will after I've done my commuting to and from work tomorrow...  Internet research tells me it'll be an hour each way, which is only half an hour longer than it took me previously.  A two hour commute every day isn't nice but I will get used to it.

I haven't got much in my cupboards yet, not even any flour to do a spot of baking.  I can't face another trawl to the supermarket and carrying of heavy bags until at least the weekend.  Tonight I will be having an ENORMOUS jacket potato and cottage cheese for tea, followed by strawberries.

My fruit and veg has all been bought from Leeds Market so far, as was the smoked cod yesterday - £1.60 for a large piece - bargain.  I'm hoping that using the market for my fresh fruit and veg will work out cheaper.  I'll definitely use it for fish.  The only thing I'm not always sure about is meat - I'm not always comfortable having to ask if any of the meat is free range, it makes me feel like a food snob (exactly what I am) and I worry that I'll look stuck up.  So I only tend to buy mince from the market, I've never bought any chicken in there.  I also once got really ripped off by one of those value meat bags, which I'll never buy again.  Most of the meat was so fatty and awful it was unusable.  Perhaps I shouldn't be so worried about what people think of me and just ask about the meat - I can't be the only one doing that?