Saturday, 13 August 2011

Strawberry Buns

I'm not really a fan of cupcakes.  I find them to be "fur coat, no knickers" in the sense too much of a big deal is made about the decoration, and the cake (or bun as it should be known) is neglected.  I've never made cupcakes, although in years gone by I have made buns, sometimes decorating them, but generally not.  We were brought up on buns with sultanas in, so they were always sweet enough.

I recently bought some piping bags and nozzles, and then was given some as a housewarming present, so I was itching to try them out.

My first attempt at piping using a nozzle was a disaster - the piping bag exploded from having too much of my Viennese Finger mixture in... my second attempt - red icing wasn't successful really either...  I've learnt that melting the butter then trying to combine that with the icing sugar just won't work, it leaves the mixture too runny.  I tried putting the icing into the fridge to set for five minutes but it was still as runny.  Last time I made this error I kept adding more and more icing sugar - that didn't work either!

I ended up just letting the runny icing come through the piping bag onto the buns, and then adding my strawberries to the fully covered tops.

I think they still looked good!