Saturday, 10 September 2011

Wine of the week - Glenridge Point Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

This is a section I've been meaning to bring out for ages, but I'm not overly confident with sharing my own opinion of wine, because I've never actually been wine tasting.  I just drink a lot of the stuff, and have formulated my own opinion of what I like and don't like....I'll fully admit I can't always pick out the flavours the bottle suggests I should.  Or the smells.  I have books about wine, but I've never dared to go wine tasting, because I'm worried I won't be able to pick out the flavours everyone else can and will look uncultured and stupid.

(I worry constantly that I look uncultured and stupid).

But I know what I like from wine, and I am going to share that with you....  I'd love it if people would let me know if they agree/disagree or share if they think I should try a particular wine.

I love wine.  I drink red in winter and white in summer.  I drink rose if needs must and there's absolutely nothing else to drink.  I'd probably have a soft drink than have to drink rosé.  In my opinion (feel free to disagree) people who only drink rosé don't actually like wine.

So my wine of this week is:

This wine is currently half price at Sainsburys at £5.99.

I've had a cold this week, so my wine flavour picking out is worse than normal... I'm not going to even try, but it tasted flavourful and sweet - but not too sweet - this is possibly the sweetest I can go, I'm a dry white fanatic.  It went pretty well with my lettuce soup, although I drank the majority of it afterwards.  Does any wine go with soup? Can wine complement another liquid?  

I picked this wine because it was half price.  The wine snobs will have given up with this blog post already, so if you're still reading I know you won't mind me admitting that...

I generally pick wine mostly on the whim of my mood and the basis of the season - sometimes in winter I'll really fancy a white, likewise in summer with red - of what I'm eating and the price of the wine.  I try my hardest not to buy the big mass producers (blossom hill etc) and if I'm buying white then I never buy chardonnay.  

I detest chardonnay.

Price is a big factor for me, because I don't have an unlimited budget.  I try to always spend a minimum £6, although it's not unusual to see me with some £4 wine if times are hard....

I have some wine sin confessions, but I think I'll wait until a later post to confess those...