Monday, 20 February 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Monday - Out with friend, maybe have a snack out
Tuesday - Eating at friend's house
Wednesday - Probably bolognese
Thursday - Cake Club, I'll be eating my weight in cake
Friday - fish of some sort, roasted veg
Saturday - Who knows!
Sunday - roast chicken, veggies

My meal planning is rubbish this week!  It's good to be so busy, but I'll be tired come Sunday.

On Saturday night I have no idea what's happening.  We've offered to have some of Phil's friends over for a meal, with kids in tow.  So I could be potentially cooking for 8.  The most I usually cook for is 4.

I need to do something simple, yet will appear fancy, these people know I'm a food blogger so will expect fancy cuisine.  Thing is, I'm not that good cook.  

Most importantly it needs to be teenager friendly.  My dinner parties have never catered for children before.  Nor have I cooked for so many before.  I'm at a loss with timings too, Phil's boys demand food pretty much as soon as the clock strike 5.  Yet I normally eat on a Saturday between 7 and 8.  I absolutely cannot have a dinner party at 5pm.

I have sorted in my mind that the kids can eat in the living room, and the grown ups will eat at the dining table.  That's as far as I've got.

So do I do food specially for the kids, and something different for grown ups?

LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE I feel sick at the thought of the stress I'll put myself under next Saturday.  That's if it even happens, we don't know if they're coming yet!!!

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