Friday, 11 May 2012

Hot and Sweet Butternut Squash and Parsnip Soup

I've had half a roasted butternut squash hiding in the freezer for a few weeks now, feeling in a soupy kinda mood I decided to use it tonight with some parnsips that were crying out to be used up.

I roasted the parsnips in honey for 30 mins while I defrosted the butternut squash, chopped and cooked half an onion with some garlic, dried chilli and cumin seeds.

When the squash was defrosted I added that to the pan then turned the heat off till the parsnips were done in the oven and then added those and returned the pan to the heat.  I was cautious with the amount of vegetable stock so poured in 500ml then blended.  The soup began to look a bit too gloopy so I added another 250ml of stock and then some sour cream.

The result - well it was hot, spicy and very sweet - but far too parsnipy - if I cook this soup again I'd reduce the number of parsnips by half and double the amount of butternut squash.  I wasn't all that keen on it, but it was comforting and edible.

You can't get it right every time though - eh!

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