Sunday, 30 September 2012

Clandestine Cake Club AOG

Photo taken by Mike Wallis and nabbed from the Clandestine Cake Club facebook page

Yesterday was the very first Annual Organisers Gathering of Clandestine Cake Club.  Having been involved with Cake Club right from the very first one in Leeds I'm very proud to be an organiser, and have a lovely group of members in York.

Lynn very kindly organised a day conference for us at the Queens Hotel in Leeds, lucky for me it being so near otherwise I wouldn't have been able to go - although I did feel a little like I'd missed out on the experience of going away for the weekend and going for food/drinks with some of the other organisers.

We were greeted with huge goodie bags full of treats that Lynn and some of the other organisers had pulled together for us and then could mingle and get to know people before the talk started.

Lynn talked us through some of the finer points of adding blog posts, which if you aren't used to wordpress can be a minefield, and answered lots of questions from the floor.

When the coffee break was underway, Sharon and I snuck out to collect the flowers Sharon had organised (which had my absolute favourite cabbage roses in) and after the break we presented them to Lynn, along with some champers, a card, some money for treats and a couple of other presents - all the organisers were very generous with the collection, and helping collect the money meant I got to speak to a lot more people than I would have done.

We had lunch in the restaurant and then in the afternoon we had a talk on Bundt's by Rachel (aka Dollybakes) which has made me desperate for a bundt of my own - although they sound a bit scary to make!

After the talk we moved on to the bit we'd all been waiting for - trying the cakes that the organisers had brought along.  I opted out of making one, knowing I can't bake under pressure, and having my kitchen out of order on Thursday and Friday!

The table I was sat on was very lively, I got to meet some ladies I follow on twitter, and I learnt more than I was bargaining for from one of them..... I shall never look at a cake in the same way....  I stayed with Susan (EviesGran) all day - I wanted to try and keep with someone I knew just in case the baby made an appearance, thank you for looking after me - and also thank you for the lovely birthday present!

A huge thank you to Lynn, for being the Cake Boss, and organising such a wonderful day for us yesterday.  I'm already looking forward to the next one!

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