Saturday, 12 January 2013

First week of Slimming World

My first week of Slimming World went much better than I expected it to, once I got my head around it.  I went back on Wednesday for my weigh in, and even talked to people this time!

I've been using my Healthy B (HEB) for 2 slices of wholemeal bread, and having that for breakfast - I made the mistake on day 1 of having boiled eggs and having completely dry soldiers.  I soon rectified that by having them with marmite on another day! (I am missing butter, and it's particularly hard making Phil's lunches and using it when I know I can't have any on toast or anything).

My Healthy A (HEA) has always been milk so far, but I will try to drink black coffee and save HEA for cheese at some point.  I've mostly had eggs and toast for breakfast, or mullerlight and fruit, and a few days some bacon (fat cut off of course).

For lunches I've been having leftovers, soup, or ready cooked chicken and vegetables with some cottage cheese.

Evening meals have been jacket potato and beans, beef & mushroom with boiled rice (4.5 syns), chicken curry and rice with an aubergine side dish, sweet potato soup, Mediterranean chicken and shepherds pie.  I've even made blueberry panna cottas (although not very successfully - the gelatine all glooped together!).

I'd been weighing myself at home so I had an idea of how much weight I'd lost, and was pleased that their scales concurred.  For week 1 I lost 4.5Ibs.  I was hoping for around 6Ibs, but 4.5 isn't too bad. 

I'm now on day 3 of week 2 and I feel really into the plan, I've allowed myself to be a bit freer with syns.  I had a glass and half of wine on Thursday, and today I've had 2 glasses of wine.  The old me (prior to being pregnant of course) would have had a bottle of wine to myself, and then various treats to go with it.

I'm not sure if I'll find the group sessions at all useful.  This week all that happened was a round robin of how much weight people had lost, then a brief bit with some tips from the (smug) target members for the new members.  None of this recipe sharing and food counselling that I've heard about.  Staying for that is meaning I miss Daisy going to bed, so far it isn't worth missing that for.  But I'll stick with it and see if the group session improves.

I have found the facebook group very useful, and speaking to people on twitter for advice also useful though.

Is anyone else still on with their new year health and slimming kicks?

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