Thursday, 4 April 2013

Coffee and Cake - City Screen York

I find York quite hard to grab a quick coffee with Missy, everywhere is so busy, or small and pokey (sorry - quaint) so it's not really an appropriate place to go to with a baby.  The one and only time I took the pram to York I ended up grabbing a coffee in BHS cafe (coffee - bad, space - good, service - friendly, baby changing - dated, could do with the bins emptying more often, but clean).

I've been to the bar/restaurant in City Screen a few times to meet a friend.  It's a great location, busy without being too busy to get a seat and most importantly - spacious.  I don't take my pram to York (can't get on the bus there with the pram), but the friend I meet takes hers so meeting somewhere with space is essential.

Staff are polite and helpful, it wasn't a problem to get some hot water to warm Missy's bottle up.  

It's a slight pain to have to go to a different floor for baby changing - and also get the key from the staff - but the plus to that is the facilities are nice and clean.  It's no big deal to not have them directly to hand.

Space - Excellent, plenty of room for a pram

Price - not too bad for York, just under a fiver for coffee and a piece of cake
Baby changing - clean, but not on the same floor as the cafe
Help - very helpful, no problem providing hot water
Coffee - nice cup of coffee, not the best I've had, by no means the worst
Cake - alas the piece I had was slightly dry, but I wouldn't let that put me off trying more

I'd love to pop in on a night, the bar/restaurant is licensed and there is a nice view of the river.


  1. Oooh, I do like the City Screen - if you get a riverside table it is a lovely summer spot.


  2. My favorite place for coffee in York with kids is the Spurriergate Centre, just up from city screen. Plenty of space for pushchairs, lots of highchairs and a play area which my two love. There are two babychange areas, one out side the ladies and one inside that includes a potty (important when potty training) I've also found them fairly relaxed about you just going in to use the changing facilities

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