Thursday, 4 April 2013

Coffee and Cake - City Screen York

I find York quite hard to grab a quick coffee with Missy, everywhere is so busy, or small and pokey (sorry - quaint) so it's not really an appropriate place to go to with a baby.  The one and only time I took the pram to York I ended up grabbing a coffee in BHS cafe (coffee - bad, space - good, service - friendly, baby changing - dated, could do with the bins emptying more often, but clean).

I've been to the bar/restaurant in City Screen a few times to meet a friend.  It's a great location, busy without being too busy to get a seat and most importantly - spacious.  I don't take my pram to York (can't get on the bus there with the pram), but the friend I meet takes hers so meeting somewhere with space is essential.

Staff are polite and helpful, it wasn't a problem to get some hot water to warm Missy's bottle up.  

It's a slight pain to have to go to a different floor for baby changing - and also get the key from the staff - but the plus to that is the facilities are nice and clean.  It's no big deal to not have them directly to hand.

Space - Excellent, plenty of room for a pram

Price - not too bad for York, just under a fiver for coffee and a piece of cake
Baby changing - clean, but not on the same floor as the cafe
Help - very helpful, no problem providing hot water
Coffee - nice cup of coffee, not the best I've had, by no means the worst
Cake - alas the piece I had was slightly dry, but I wouldn't let that put me off trying more

I'd love to pop in on a night, the bar/restaurant is licensed and there is a nice view of the river.