Thursday, 22 August 2013

Beanies Flavoured coffee review

After I'd done a review for the Work Perk I was contacted by Beanies to see if I'd like to try some more.  I've really been enjoying flavoured coffees recently so I was happy to do the review.  I have some chocolate truffle coffee from Whittard's at work at the moment, which smells divine but alas doesn't have any chocolatey taste.

The Beanies coffees smell great, but they also have some taste too.

The Cinder Toffee is definitely may favourite of the two, it's lovely.  I'm drinking the Irish Cream one as I type, and because it tastes like Bailey's it feels quite wrong to be drinking it before 10am!  I prefer to have this one on an evening.

I'd definitely buy the Cinder Toffee again, but only after I've tried the Caramel, Double Chocolate and French Vanilla ones!

Do you have any flavoured coffees?

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  1. I do like my flavoured coffees andits a nice change from syrup flavoured one. I've not heard of Beanies, so am really curious about their coffee flavours. I'd love to try the cinder toffee. I wonder where I can purchase them in Wales.


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