Monday, 16 September 2013

Betty's Treacle Tart

A chance tweet the other day during Great British Bake Off brought about a lovely exchange with the Betty's twitter account, and an offer of a Treacle Tart to review.  You'd be stupid to turn down anything from Betty's so I jumped at the chance.

I was very disappointed when I realised I'd missed the package arriving on Friday,but it turned out for the best - it meant I got to have some during my afternoon off today.

As soon as the box arrived I ripped it open to have a look - it took a lot of will power not to get stuck in straight away - it being lunchtime when the package arrived.  I'd mentioned on our email correspondence that we'd be away soon during my birthday week, so the note was a lovely gesture too.  The tart was packaged very well, plenty of protection to ensure the tart arrived in one piece!

I had a huge slab with a cup of tea mid afternoon, and very naughtily had another piece after Daisy had gone to bed - in my defense I wasn't sure how much longer it would last...... any excuse....

So what was it like?  Well - delicious.  Gooey centre, delicate pastry, treacle sticky loveliness at it's finest.  I haven't yet tried something from Betty's that I didn't enjoy.

I'm looking forward to finding an excuse to go back for another afternoon tea (we went for my 30th birthday when I was too heavily pregnant to do anything else).  Of course next time I'll be selecting the champage option!

 Me, outside Betty's 26.9.12 - 3.5 stones heavier than now!

A huge thank you to Kelly for organising my lovely treat - it was much appreciated!

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