Sunday, 15 December 2013

Recent Eats

It's taken a while to catch up on everything after I was in hospital - then with trying to do some Christmas socialising I just haven't had the time to blog.

I've eaten out recently at Trinity Kitchen and Las Iguanas.  We also had a walk round the Dickensian market in Wetherby last weekend and picked up some treats from The Pastry Stall.

At Trinity Kitchen I had some cocktails with the lovely Mrs P, at 360 Champagne and Cocktails and then scoffed a lovely burrito from Tortilla (and a margarita!).  I really liked Trinity Kitchen, I like that there's some fixed places, and I don't mind the pop up ones.  I'm looking forward to the change over next week and getting some lovely fish and chips from Fish&.  

This weekend I had my annual christmas meet up with my school friends.  We went to Brewdog, Las Iguanas and then Duck and Drake to watch a band.  I was driving so had a mocktail in Las Iguanas, and pop everywhere else - but that was fine.

I was impressed with the quality of food at Las Iguanas - I usually find that food is rubbish during Christmas party season, but we really enjoyed our meal.  We had to use the set menu, but all found something we liked.  I had the crab and crayfish gratin to start, then festive fajitas.

I have a works christmas do this week, but I'm undecided if I'll go - we couldn't get in anywhere to eat (or agree where to go) so it's just drinks after work, but on the Thursday.  I don't fancy trying to get through Friday at work with a hangover!

I'm now on the final stretch of prep for Christmas.  I have to make my carrot chutney, onion marmalade and some sweet bits to go in my hamper.  I need to buy some cheese for it, and also buy cheese for Christmas day.   I'm making a bacon and egg pie for boxing day, and the desserts, so I need to get cracking at deciding what I will make!

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