Monday, 6 January 2014

Meal Planning Monday 6th January

I'm joining up with Mrs M's meal planners this week.

  • Tonight we had a slimming world version of fish pie.  It was vile.  We won't be having that again.
  • Tomorrow I was going to do the superspeed soup, but I don't think I can inflict it on Phil, so we'll have a simple leek and potato instead.
  • Wednesday is a chicken and bacon pasta dish, in a tomato sauce, undecided if that will be herby or spicy.
  • Thursday is Gammon, egg and slimming world chips (I don't have a great success rate with these - they always stick to the foil).
  • Friday is chilli, nice and simple.
  • Saturday we're at a birthday party in the afternoon so not sure what we'll be having for our tea, possible jacket potatoes and beans.
  • Sunday will be beef stew, done in the slow cooker, with lots of veg.

I find it very hard to get slimming world friendly meals that everyone will eat, so I think I'll be having quite a few nights of cooking two meals in the coming weeks.