Sunday, 22 June 2014

Recent Eats

On Sunday last week I had afternoon tea with friends at Browns in Leeds.  I was too busy chatting to get any pictures. Of course it wasn't to the Betty's standard, but it was a nice attempt.  The only thing lacking really were the sandwiches. I would have rather had a couple more, but for £10 I shouldn't really be complaining.

This week Phil popped into Betty's on his lunch and got me a treat, I've been desperate to try the cycling Tour de France fondant fancies.  They're as good as they look!

I've been trying to do better with my eating this week, I'm still not really that interested in food - I just want to eat sweet things all the time.  We've eaten pasta a few times this week, and on Friday night the only thing I wanted was beans on toast for tea!  I decided that I had to have a "proper" meal on Saturday, so defrosted a joint of pork, rubbed in some garlic and herbs and roasted that.  I made some lower fat dauphinoise - but the sauce split again, not sure where i'm going wrong with this, it's happened the last two times I've made it - possibly me having the oven too hot?  Then I threw on some green beans for some vegetable goodness.

I was sent a Thermoworks Chef Alarm out of the blue a while back.  I use my Thermopen quite a bit so was interested to see what difference this would make.  The alarm is useful, but I don't think I'll use the max/min temperature alarm at all, and the probe is the same as my Thermopen.  I'd say this is more use in a commercial kitchen.  I found that the instructions were missing the temperature guide of the Thermopen, I find that really useful as a guide.  An interesting product, but not one for my home kitchen I think.

If you spotted yesterday's post, you'll know I made some Tiffin this week.  I was also meant to make a Key Lime Pie on Saturday but just ran out of time.  (Watched trashy telly on catch up when I should have been in the kitchen...).  I'll be attempting that on Monday, and making some scones at some point in the week too.

Are you baking anything next week?

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