Saturday, 30 April 2011

Amsterdam - post 2

On our second day in Amsterdam we headed out on the Metro and then hopped on a bus and ended up in the Dutch countryside.

Our destination - Clara Maria Cheese Farm and Clog Workshop. It wasn't in my guidebook, but had been featured in my friend's book, we decided it would be a good trip after being at Anne Frank's house in the morning.

When we arrived we got chatting to the guy who was doing the Clog making, we'd seen a gorgeous calf so had gone to pet it, he then took us into the barn to see lambs, cows and goats.  The lambs were gorgeous and loved being petted.

When we came out the clog demonstration was in full swing - but in German, we'd arrived as a full bus of German tourists had got there.  We watched it anyway, and then moved inside to see the different clogs and go into the cheese workshop.

The talk on the cheese making was given in English and German, so we could understand what was going on. The cows are milked on a night, and then again on a morning.  The milk is used to make Gouda cheese, and then different flavourings added to it.

We were given some tasters, we both liked the Italian Herb cheese, all the ones we tasted were lovely, they even opened the Ginger one for me to taste - it was lovely, but my friend wasn't keen.

We bought some of the Italian Herb cheese, for 8 euros and devoured most of it after we came in from our night out... Apologies for the terrible picture, shots had been had...

It was a really different trip to do, I'd definitely recommend it if you want to get out of Amsterdam.


  1. Your photos have me craving for some cheese and crackers.

    I had a pair of clogs when I was younger haha, I thought they were the cutest things. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. I was sorely tempted by some clog slippers!!


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