Friday, 22 April 2011

BBQ Season commences

With all this lovely weather my twitter feed has been BBQ Bonkers, lots of people firing up the barbie and cooking the hell out of various meat products.

I love BBQ food, we had family BBQ parties when I was little and they were always such happy times.  I was brought up on not very adventurous BBQ food, burgers, sausages, chicken etc.

We had a BBQ on Wednesday night and things haven't changed all that much... Sausages, burger, salad... But we mixed it up a little bit by cooking prawns in garlic butter, wrapped in foil, and then a piece of haddock with some herbs, also wrapped in foil.

There was some homemade potato salad too - but I had a few drinkies on Tuesday and came in and ate half the bowl of it, so I didn't have any more on Wednesday....

Yes - that is a processed cheese slice on my burger.  Yes, I know, they are vile and hardly allowed to be called cheese, let alone should they grace the top of a decent burger.

But, dare I confess, I like cheese slices.

I like them on burgers.  I like them as cheese on toast.  I like them in sandwiches...  Don't judge me too harshly, everyone has a guilty food like, or two, let's not forget I also love hotdogs....

So, I'll be firing up a BBQ tomorrow evening.  I have the girls coming over for BBQ, beers and boy talk.

I plan to do:

Homemade burgers
Chicken and vegetable kebabs
King Prawns
Garlic Bread
Homemade Potato Salad
Rice with peas and sweetcorn
Sparkling wine jelly pots

Am I missing anything startlingly obvious that would be a good addition to my BBQ?


  1. Steak!!! Yes, not cheap, but a BBQ'd steak would be the perfect addition.

    P.s. I quite like cheese slices on toast too!

  2. We do garlic mushrooms. Pop them in some foil with butter and garlic and let them sweat on the barby. Lovely.

  3. Steak would be good wouldn't it. Will check out how much it is! Garlic mushrooms would be good too!

  4. bananas (unpeeled), split down the middle, filled with toffees and pieces of chocolate, wrapped in foil, placed on the bbq.

    you can thank me later

  5. i also like barbequed bananas - we wrap in foil, bbq, then open and fill with creme fraiche/fromage frais and pour a shot of whisky over the top. delish!

    the sparkling wine jelly pots sound interesting!


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