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Beef Madras Curry Kit

I've pulled this post over from my old blog, I made this in early March 2011.

I was approached to do a review for Sugar and Spice after I got my last curry kit, but with one thing and another going on in my life I've only just got round to using it.

Sugar and Spice is all about healthy, delicious meals for the whole family.  They're available to buy via ebay or you can contact via facebook or Diane's blog - their website is being created at the moment.

I was lucky enough to be sent the Beef Madras kit, Lamb Rogan Josh kit, a pilau rice kit, and some lentils.

I wanted to know more about Diane, and her business so posed her some questions:

What made you set up your business?

I set up this business because I am passionate about healthy foods, I am overweight and started attending a slimming club.  My friends also asked if I could start providing kits for them.  My husband is a curry fanatic and I have never been able to satisfy his craving with anything supplied in a jar.  So I did some research, went out and bought the correct ingredients and started to create the kits.  However now I do more than curries, it extends to mousakka, beef stifado, stew and dumplings!!

What is your favourite kit?My favourite kit..........thats hard, so many to choose from.  I love the classic curry, and I am passionate about stew and dumplings, we had that one for last nights tea!  

What's your favourite meal? 
My favourite meal of all time is Chips and egg!!  Seriously.  With two slices of bread and butter and a cup of tea.  

Why is them being healthy so important to you? 
Being healthy is so important as we are the parents of two children, Samantha 14 and Victoria 9.  I am passionate about educating them on the benefits of healthy eating.  It has now come to the forefront that this generation of children will be the first that could possibly die before their parents of obesity.  The Government can advertise all they want about health issues but i believe that people remember it better if you learn from an early age and the education is everyday.  Dont get me wrong, we are not food saints, we have treats, however we try and create a balance.  

Is this your main job? 
This is not my main job.  I am a secretary during the day.   However I do intend to build the business so that I can work for myself on a full time basis.  

Where would you like your business to take you?I would like my business and ideas to reach as many people as possible.  I am not a greedy person and money whilst it is nice comes second to customer satisfaction and knowing that I can help people provide healthy meals.  Also meals that are easy to make.  I feel people are of the opinion that to make something from scratch, it takes time and effort.  And therefore 'warm up' food is preferable.  I would really love to change peoples minds on this.  

Are you passionate about anything other than cooking?I am also passionate about crafts.  I read, albeit very slowly, and my friends laugh because as soon as I put a book down I could not tell you what is about.  My favourite book of all time is Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, but I cant tell you what it is about.  I dont read books more than once because it takes me too long and life is too short!  And i hate injustice!!

If you were given the opportunity to make a cook book, what would it be called, and what picture would be on the front? 
If i wrote a cookbook, on the front would be a picture of my two children, with flour all over their faces and the worktop full of their creations.  I would be washing up in the background!!  It would have to be a cover that suggests that cooking is fun, because it is! The title would have to be something like 'Family Food'  but the chapters in it would be different sections i.e. one for soups and light meals, one for trashy meals, one for slow cooking, etc

And finally, most importantly, where can people buy your kits from? Just ebay?At the moment my kits are available on ebay.  I do have this email address that people can contact me on and I accept payment by paypal, postal order or cheque (however I would wait for the cheque to clear before posting the goods)  I am at the moment opening an ebay shop, hopefully for a short time as I would like to sort a website when money permits.  I do have a facebook page too (Sugar and Spice) that has a list of my current kits and people can also ask any questions there should they like.  

So how did I get on with mine?

It was as easy as it looks, Diane provides the recipe, I followed that, an hour and a half later we had a delicious curry! Couldn't have been simpler!  The kit provides the spices, so all I needed was garlic, and onion, beef and beef stock.  My only revision to the recipe was to add some tomatoes, because I don't like my curries to be too meaty!

Thank you so much for my kits, I can't wait to try the Rogan Josh.

Please "like" the Sugar and Spice facebook page or tweet with them @markanddiprince.

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