Saturday, 2 April 2011


I first made this last summer, using an Ainsley Harriott recipe as a base and then tweaking to what I had available to use.
The official ingredients can be found here, I used:

4 beetroot - no idea of the weight I just cooked what was in my bunch
2 leeks, chopped as finely as I could without taking 4 years
6 new potatoes, skins cut off and cubed
4 teeny weeny potatoes from our garden, thrown in whole
1 carrot, grated
2 beef oxo cubes, dissolved into 1 Litre of boiling water
2 tsp sugar
1 cap white wine vinegar
200 ml water
Crème fraiche for serving


I chopped up all my veg then cooked the leek in a small amount of butter, I'm not sure why Ainsley went for oil, I always prefer to cook in butter for soups.  The leeks had soaked up the butter (probably why Ainsley used oil) so when I threw in the beetroot, potato and carrot I added some water to stop it sticking to my beautiful casserole pot.  I also didn't want to add too much beef stock, I wanted the taste to be as beetrooty as possible.  I got told at this point we had some potatoes from our garden to use, so I washed and threw in the littlest ones to cook whole.

I left it to simmer for 40 mins.  For the size of the beetroot chunks I should have cooked for at least 45 mins, make sure you try them before serving - I was so hungry I just went ahead and served - schoolgirl error...

I added a dollop of crème fraiche for serving.
I've made this a few times since, it's delicious.

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  1. I cooked this before but the recipe had grated beetroot (made a mega mess and gave me pink hands) and used tinned tomatoes. There are so many variations but its a really nice dish and mega healthy.


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