Monday, 11 April 2011

Cake on the brain

I have cake on my mind this week.  Not a sorry state of affairs, yes, but bad for my waist, oh yes.

At present my full Victorian Pound Cake is in the oven, all 450g of butter, sugar, flour and a whopping 8 eggs.  It's big.  Very big.  I have no idea how it will come out.  I have everything crossed for it being as good as it's smaller half pound version.  It smells good...

My cake is being practised in preparation for Thursday's Clandestine Cake Club, which I'm feeling slightly apprehensive about going to, not being a master baker (can't fail to smile at those words...) and the club has got much bigger since I went in December.  I'll be making my cake again, either the full or half Pound, on Wednesday evening, and troughing a lot of cake at the event on Thursday.

I just happened to tweet that my cake was in the oven, and the wonderful Chrissie reminded me about her event - she's hosting a cake sale in order to raise money for the MS Society on Sunday 22nd May, in Bingley.

I will be baking, and going, lord only knows what I will make and if I will find the place, but it's the effort that counts!  If you would like to help Chrissie with her money raising quest then get your bake on, and I'll see you there!

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