Friday, 15 April 2011

Clandestine Cake Club

I went to Clandestine Cake Club event 4 last night, the theme this one being Victorian.

As you'll know from my post last week, I went for a Victorian Pound Cake, but after making a Half Pound, and then the full Pound cake, I decided to opt for doing just a Half Pound version.  I wouldn't have been able to carry the full Pound to work, and I certainly didn't have a container big enough for it!

On Wednesday evening I made not one, but two, Half Pound Cakes.  The first one I didn't get the tin fixed on properly and the mixture seeped out in the oven.  I was not a happy little bunny.  Much swearing ensued and another one was whipped up and whacked in the oven.

It took an age to cook, and in the end I was worried it was over.  But it looked OK...

I was quite nervous going to cake club last night, it's taken off in such a big way, but I was OK when I got there, despite not feeling sociable in the slightest.

It was a fantastic event, with a marvellous array of wonderful cakes.  The Sandcastle cake above was probably the most aesthetically wowing, what a fantastic effort.  All the cakes were delicious, and had such an amount of effort put into them.  Everyone should be very proud.

Another successful event for Lynn, Cake Club is certainly the place to be!

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  1. Lovely post Rach, and I enjoyed your cake. Some cracking pictures too. Although the person stood up in the pic second from the bottom looks a bit dodgy to me. Looks like she's flicking a spoon or fork at someone ;-)


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