Saturday, 2 April 2011

Lower Fat Spaghetti Carbonara

I've always enjoyed Carbonara, but can often find it a bit too rich with the cream.  To make a more calorie conscious version I used crème fraiche in replace of cream.


3 eggs
2 egg yokes
bacon lardons
parmigiano reggiano
reduced fat crème fraiche


I dry fried the bacon for 3 minutes, then added the mushrooms for a quick fry and cooked it all for another 2 minutes.

While that was going on I cracked my three full eggs into a bowl and separated the other 2, and threw the yokes in from them too.  Next up was around half the tub of crème fraiche, and a generous sprinkle of the cheese, and plenty of black pepper.  I stirred the lot in until combined.

I put the spaghetti on last - with it being fresh and only taking 3-4 mins - if you're using dried you would want to put the spaghetti on first.  When it had cooked I poured into a colander to drain - but reserved a small amount of the water.  I quickly added it back into the pan, so as not to lose heat, and then poured the egg, crème fraiche and cheese mixture over and stirred to combine.  The heat of the pasta will briefly cook the eggs.

And voilà - spaghetti carbonara.

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