Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tampopo, Leeds

This is another post from the archives of my old blog, but I wanted to share it again because it's quite recent, visit was on 21st March 2011.


I went to Tampopo last night for the first time, I'd asked for opinions on Twitter beforehand and had a mixed bag of responses, so was looking forward to seeing for myself.

It looked quite simillar to Wagamama's, sitting at benches, very minimal, but I liked the fact we could see the kitchen at work.

To start I ordered Goi Cuon, a Vietnamese dish which I can only describe as being like a tastier spring roll.  It's rice paper filled with veggies with a soy and ginger dip.

They were delicious, I really enjoyed them - I think they had a lot more flavour than the chinese spring rolls have, and I liked the rice paper made them squishy.

Sarah had Gyoza, Japanese dumplings - she really enjoyed them too, and I kind of wish I'd gone for them when I saw them, but I do have them all the time at Wagas.

For main I had Kway Teow, a Malaysian dish of chilli and garlic in a thick soy sauce with noodles, with Prawns.

Visually it looked good - but it lacked flavour.  I found the noodles hard to eat with the chop sticks - although I'm useless with them - can anyone teach me chopstick skills??  I also only got about 4 prawns, so I was really disappointed by that.

Sarah opted for Yaki Udon with chicken, which was chunky noodles in soy sauce and rice wine with red peppers and spring onions.  It looked nice, but I'm not sure I'd have liked the noodles.

For pudding we both opted for the spiced ginger creme brulee,  It was set, and the crunchy topping was good, but it tasted gritty inside, and left a nasty coating on the roof of my moth - thinking it may have split?  It wasn't at all nice.

I am by no means any kind of expert in Asian foods, in fact it's probably food I've tried the least, I enjoy Waga's when we go there, so I was expecting more from Tampopo than it delivered, but that could have been due to what I ordered.

I would have the starter again in a shot, so I'd probably eat at Tampopo again.

The bill came to just shy of £40 for the food and a beer for me and lime and soda for Sarah.  Not exactly a cheap midweek meal but it didn't break the bank either.

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