Sunday, 8 May 2011

Aagrah - Leeds City

I went to the Aagrah on the evening of the Royal Wedding, after quite a few drinks in the Palace...

To start we shared some poppadoms and a pickle tray.  They weren't anything special, but just what the doctor ordered to start soaking up some booze.

For starter I had Paneer Tikka, and from looking at the picture I think my friend had Onion Bhaji's...I'm a little hazy on the details...

My Paneer was OK, I've had a much better version of this starter at Jaipur in Armley - if I'd never had that I wouldn't know that this was of a lower standard though.

For main I had Saag Gosht, Lamb with Spinach, and I'm not entirely sure from the picture what my friend had - anyone care to hazard a guess???

My Saag Gosht was spicier than I'd thought it would be, so I didn't eat much of it.  I did get a Cheese and Onion Naan though - which was delicious, so I was able to dip that in the sauce and eat it.

The bill for the two of us, plus a beer and a diet coke came to just under £40.

I'd go again if I was in the City Centre, it was clean, the staff were friendly, the food fresh and nice - but it just isn't the same standard that Jaipur was when I went there the week it opened.


  1. I quite like Aagrah. It's a bit spicier than most other Indians. My favourite must be East & West in Sheffield which serves up more traditional Indian food. Check it out if you come to Sheff -

  2. I love Indian food, we normally go to a family run restaurant near to my bf's home. It's definitely the best Indian food i've ever had, go at least a few times per month :).

    Sadie xx


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