Sunday, 15 May 2011

Jaipur, Armley

On Friday night I went to Jaipur in Armley, it was my second visit to the restaurant, but I've also had a few take aways from there since they opened last year.

The first time I went to the restaurant I absolutely loved it, so I went on Friday with high expectations.

Upon being seated we were immediately given some poppadoms and pickles, which I do like Indian restaurants doing and then being able to order more if wanted.

For my starter I ordered the Paneer Tikka, to plot it against the one I had at Aagrah a couple of weeks ago.

Although it was a little bit more burnt than I'd have liked I did enjoy it, and I do think that the quality of the paneer cheese was better than the Aagrah one.  My friend had Mushroom Pakora's, which were also nice.

For main I opted for King Prawn Masala, and R had Chicken Masala, from the Old School Favourites section.  I have to say that I love that Jaipur do that, they have their mains listed but if you want a particular curry they'll make it with chicken, lamb, prawns or vegetables.  We opted for naan breads rather than rice, and decided against side dishes with us having had starters.  I had a cheese and onion naan, R had a garlic and coriander one.

We had a short wait on R's naan bread, when it was brought over by one of the owners he explained it was because it had burnt a bit, and they weren't prepared to send out burnt food - you can't say fairer than that.

For my curry itself, if I'm honest I wasn't blown away with it.  When I went for the first time I had the Lamb Saag, which was delicious, and the person I'd gone with had ordered a fish curry - which was out of this world.  I think on this occasion I picked a boring dish, I should have pushed my boundaries a little.

The service at Jaipur is excellent, although R found them a little too attentive, for me I didn't mind it at all, I liked chatting to the owners - a brother and sister team.  They're lovely people who can't do enough for you.

There's even a chap outside on the car parking area, making sure people get parked OK.

All in all I enjoyed my latest visit, although I was disappointed with my food choice.  The bill came to around £37 for 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 naans, a diet coke and a pint of lager.


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