Monday, 30 May 2011

Meal Planning Monday - 2

Due to illness I didn't plan any meals last week, other than my menu for my flatmate to be SG to come dine with me.

Going to be much better this week, plan my meals and get back to the gym!  I've already read a couple of meal planning Monday posts so I'm feeling quite inspired.  Other people don't seem to put which days they're eating what on - maybe not as anal and stupidly regimented as me?

Monday - I have no clue what we'll have for tea tonight - probs a freezer forage
Tuesday - Prawn stir fry 
Wednesday - Chicken/ Mushroom Supreme
Thursday - Country Vegetable Soup
Friday - herb crusted fish, sweet potato wedges
Saturday - Curry (of some description)
Sunday - Roast Beef

Sunday is probably the day I'm least looking forward to, if I put anything other than roast beef down would mean that I would have to cook, and I'll be doing Weds, Thurs and Fri.


  1. Think I might make a prawn stirfry this week as well. I had roast beef yesterday it was so delicious!!

  2. Beef's the only meat my Ma will eat, so if I want something else for Sunday dinner I have to cook the lot myself, and come up with a veggie alternative for her. Less hassle to just have the overdone, grey beef...

    I love stir fry, I could happily eat it 3 times a week!

  3. I could really do with a weekly meal planner... but I can't cook and my fridge is always empty. Alas. :) xx


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