Monday, 23 May 2011

National Vegetarian Week (NVW)

So this week is National Vegetarian Week, a week to promote inspirational vegetarian food, and the benefits of a meat free lifestyle.

If I wasn't poorly, I have laryngitis - I think, purely self diagnosed, but I have no voice so all the signs point to it, anyway I'm rambling - if I wasn't poorly I would have embraced the week better than I have.  I've failed already by having spaghetti bolognese, with beef mince for tea.  I wasn't cooking it, and didn't feel able to turn it down without causing offence, having not already declared I was going to eat only veggie food this week.

Other than today's fail, I am going to be meat free for the rest of the week.

Anyway, so having a good nosey at the National Vegetarian Week website I think the biggest things that jump out at me on the Quick Veggie Facts page are the Environmental and Animal Welfare sections of the page. I personally found the Health and Nutrition bit the weakest part. 

I didn't realise that vegetarians don't eat fish - because I've met people who regard themselves as vegetarian who do eat fish.  Conducting a quick survey on twitter shows the same really, some people who identify themselves with being veggie eat fish, some don't.  I'm told it should be called Pescetarianism if you do eat fish, so I guess everyone has differing thoughts on it!

This evening I also tweeted out a call for vegetarians/ veggie recipes to get some recommended recipes for this week.  I've had a fabulous response and have filled the whole week with recommendations.

Today @monkeyson's veggie tip is about mixing proteins, Phil sent me this link: which will give you some more info on combining vegetable proteins to make the equivalent amount of animal protein.  An interesting read!


  1. What a coincidence! i didn't know it was national vegetarian week, and last night i, very unusually, made a veggie curry and have just written a little about it. It a very VERY yummy veggie recipe- you should take a look.


  2. Your recipe looks good, there's a curried aubergine soup coming up in my recipe recommendations for NVW that your friend might like :)


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