Sunday, 29 May 2011

National Vegetarian Week Round Up

Well I haven't got round to having any tofu, but I have managed to eat some delicious veggie meals.

On Friday R made me a chickpea curry, and last night I whipped up a mixed bean chilli.

Both dishes were lovely, but both a wee bit too spicy!  I've eaten quite a lot of cheese this week, I made goats cheese bruscetta as a starter last night, which was gorgeous, and earlier in the week I made a pitta bread pizza for lunch.

When I did my shout out for veggie recipes I had a huge response, and although I managed to schedule a recipe for each day I had some others to share too.

Clare - @LoveToLiveToEat favourite veggie dishes are Veggie Lasagne and Aubergine Bake.

Gary - @TheFoodNut recommended his Mixed Bean Chilli.

Both Gary and Clare have great blogs, check them out on twitter then check their blogs out!

One of my favourite Leeds shops @MilliesLeeds linked me to Cauliflower & Potato Curry with wild rice.

Wendy - @wandapops sent me a lovely email with links to recipes, and a tip about dealing with veggies:

Nigella's sesame noodle salad

Rick Stein's blue cheese and tomato tart

I also like asparagus, peppers and tomatoes tossed in olive oil and oven baked. Balsamic glaze over the top, served with grilled haloumi slices and salad. Mmmmm!

The only tip I'd give when feeding veggies is to not make a fuss- make them feel normal rather than awkward. Sometimes people apologise to us as if it's not our choice to be veggie!

I love @MsMarmiteLover 's approach - her supper club is veggie (sometimes with fish) but she never advertises it as a veggie place - she just makes the menu unusual enough to keep people interested so they don't miss it. I love that approach - it forces people out of their comfort zones without realising it!

And lastly @illbefrancoise got me salivating over thoughts of quorn stroganoff, and linked me up to a great stuffed marrow recipe.

I don't think I'm ready to hang up my meat eating ways, but this week has certainly got me loving veggie recipes again, and I promise that I will try tofu soon!

Thank you to everyone who contributed this week!

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