Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The strangest biscuits I ever did bake...

I had a strong urge to bake yesterday.  But no eggs in the fridge.

It was raining.

I decided to get my google on and check out some "eggless recipes".  I came across this recipe for Treacle Cookie Biscuits.

I assumed they actually meant Golden Syrup - because Treacle is black, those biscuits are very brown.

Off I pottered to make them.

Oh What A Mess I Made.  Biscuit dough stuck to the worktop.  Biscuit dough stuck to my fingers.  Biscuit dough stuck to the cutter....

Yeah, you get the picture - veeeery sticky.  I added more flour.

And more flour.

Then even more.

It didn't help.

I baked them anyway, all six strange, biscuit type things.  I'm particularly proud of the misshapen middle one on the second row...a piece of art no-less.

Needless to say I shan't be baking these again.  They were very, very, very crunchy.  And floury.  Overcooked on my part - they didn't look brown enough at 20 mins so left them in a further 5 mins.

I almost broke a tooth eating the last one today...

Have you had any biscuit bungles?  

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