Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bero Book Chocolate Cake

I was fancying making a chocolate cake for the next Clandestine Cake Club event, so had a practice on Sunday.  I used the bero book recipe, but added some vanilla essence.  My cake also doubled up as being one for my Dad's birthday.

75g SR flour
100g marg
100g caster sugar
25g cocoa powder
2 eggs
couple drops vanilla essence

Butter Icing:
100g Icing sugar
50g marg
25g Melted chocolate

75g melted chocolate


Heat oven to 180. Grease 2 cake tins.
Cream marg and sugar, then add each egg, with a little bit of flour with each.  Then add the remaining flour and the cocoa powder, do this pretty gently, mixing too vigorously will take out all the air.  Then add the vanilla essence.
Pour into the cake tins and bake for 20 mins if using fan oven, 25 if not.

The cakes came out OK, but were a bit flat - I think I mixed with a bit too much of a heavy hand.... 

While they were cooling I got on with the buttercream filling.  

Mix the marg with the icing sugar, it might help if the marg is slightly melted.  While you're doing this have the chocolate melted in a bowl over a pan of boiling water.

Then pour in your melted chocolate, mix and smooth on top of the bottom layer of your cake.

Squish on the top layer and scoop up any overspill.

I then poured on top the remainder of the melted chocolate and drew criss cross lines.  I filled these grooves with sugar balls, and added a silver ball in the middle of each.  These balls remind me of the pearls I use when doing jewellery making, which is why I thought they'd be good for the crafting theme of cake club.

It isn't perfect, but it wasn't a bad first attempt!

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  1. It looks fab - really pretty! I love the way you've decorated it.


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