Saturday, 25 June 2011


It's Clandestine Cake club on Monday evening and I'm at a loss of what cake to make.  I did a trial cake a couple of weeks back, but I know another attendee is making a chocolate cake, so I want to do something different.

I'll be using the sugar pearls and silver balls to decorate, that's as much as I know.  But what cake to make?!

I wondered about a simple Victoria Sponge, but that's a bit boring.  Perhaps a coffee cake, but then that doesn't really go with my decoration.  Neither does a fruit based cake.

I'm all of a dither.

I have a tiny idea of maybe a golden syrup loaf cake, and trying to do a lines of the pearls/silver balls down it - but how would I get them to stick?

I really should have thought about it before now, but with all the stress I've been under sorting things for the move I just haven't been able to do any baking.

If anyone has any tips of how I could stick the balls on without using icing then I'd be grateful - sugar syrup maybe? A top layer of golden syrup?


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  1. Apricot jam glaze would probably get the silver balls to stick.


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