Tuesday, 21 June 2011

(Late) Meal Planning Monday

Apologies to Mrs M for my offering to Meal Planning Monday being late!

I didn't actually do any meal planning last week, it was a bit chaotic and we just had whatever we fancied on the day - expensive shopping week...

I had lasagne, quiche with salad and potatoes, spicy tomato and mushroom pasta with tarragon chicken and then noodles from the take away on Friday.... But I've been eating lots of lovely berries all week to try and keep healthy.

So, onto this week.....

w/c 20th June

Monday - carvery
Tuesday - Prawn linguine
Wednesday - chilli
Thursday - stir fry
Friday - herb crusted haddock, potato wedges, mushy peas
Saturday - curry - one meat, one vegetarian
Sunday - steak

What are you eating this week?


  1. you plan a whole week? i am lucky if my head works for 3 days in row lol

  2. I do plan the whole week! It helps us know what we're doing and what to buy. Don't always stick to it though.....

  3. Love the pictures! Prawn linguine sounds delish! Thanks for joining in.


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