Sunday, 19 June 2011

Loch Fyne, Leeds

With moving out I won't be able to afford to eat out as much as I have done, so I'm aiming to only have one meal out per month.

My meal out for June was with my good twitter buddy Chrissie who suggested we go to Loch Fyne.  It's one I've never been to in Leeds and I love fish so I was really looking forward to going.

To start I had Whitebait, which came with a lemon mayonnaise.

They were tasty, I've never had whitebait before so I was a bit perturbed at eating the whole fish, but soon tucked in with gusto.  The portion was a bit much for a starter for me, I got a little bored of eating the same thing.

Chrissie had Mackeral Pate, which would have been my second choice of starter.

I loved the jar it came in but thought if I'd had it I would have wanted more oatcakes to eat it on.

For main I had the Monk Fish and King Prawn Thai curry.

It was delicious, the prawns were lovely and the pieces of monkfish were nice and big.  It was just the right size portion for me too, and I loved that it came with prawn crackers too.  I don't normally eat them but made an exception last night.  

Chrissie went for King Prawns and Scallops, which I was very jealous of.  I loved the presentation of it.

Having consumed 2 pints and half a bottle of wine at this point I declined to have a pudding. But Chrissie bravely took up the pudding challenge and ordered a sticky toffee pudding.

That wasn't what arrived though.  Instead she got served a chocolate brownie.

We both looked questioningly at it, wondering if this was some strange sticky toffee pudding the likes of which we'd never seen before.  Chrissie tried it and declared it definitely to be chocolate, but liked it so we never mentioned the error to our waiter.

I enjoyed eating at Loch Fyne, it was early evening so not too busy, we had good service (apart from messing up the pudding order), good company, good food and the building itself was lovely.  I'd have loved to have had something exotic like the Lobster, but my purse couldn't stretch to such an expense!

Any tips on where my July meal out should be?


  1. Every once in a while you should treat yourself to a Supper Club.

  2. I might have to start my own Lynn and make some dosh!

  3. I used to take writers out to lunch in Loch Fyne all the time in my old job! It was my favourite. Ahhh the good old days of expense accounts. I always had the mackerel pate to start, and also bemoaned the lack of oatcakes. Two more would have done it.

  4. I reccommend:

    Sous Le Nez. Beautiful French restaurant with an early bird offer at £24 for 3 courses and half a bottle of wine each.

    Little Tokyo - very authentic Japanese restaurant with Koi carp fish tank!

    Red Chilli - Fabulous Chinese restaurant with an EXTENSIVE menu. Seriously, they have duck, frog's legs, tea tree mushrooms and all other kinds of dishes. Reasonably priced and nice atmosphere.

    The Aagrah - Does Indian/Asian curries etc. Pretty standard but the standard is high, my fave place to go for a good curry and the fish dishes are second to none.

    There's a great Mexican in Chapel Allerton but that may be a bit far out.

  5. I love Loch Fyne - have you tried Livebait?

  6. yum! i love loch fyne. if you sign up to their newsletters, they send you money off vouchers.
    Hansas is one of my favourite restaurants in leeds - amazing veggie indian food.
    Diva Italiana in Pudsey is also great, if you fancy a trip out of the city centre.

  7. @Hayley - I'd love to go to sous les nez, but it's always seemed like a coupley place, not in a couple so not been!

    @Francine - I have tried Livebait, I had a free meal there in return for a blogpost last year, it was good.

    @Gillian - Diva is on my list! Really want to go, but again it seems like a long way to go with friends, so more coupley?

  8. Hi Rach! The mackerel pâté is supposed to come with 5 oatcakes, and you should have mentioned the dessert error to your waiter, apart from the fact the STP is amaaazin!!! But the restaurant looks bad because they weren't given the opportunity to rectify the error.
    Love your review though, the 2 mains you had are my faves and actually, the most popular!! :o)

  9. no, i don't think diva is too coupley. i've been a few times with friends. they have a nice bar downstairs with yummy cocktails too.

  10. @Kat thanks for your comment, Chrissie liked the dessert so didn't mention it, but I do take your point that they haven't had chance to address it. I really enjoyed my night at Loch Fyne, would go again!

    @Gillian - cocktails! I'm there.... :)


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