Saturday, 4 June 2011

Lotsa Leftovers....

On Saturday last week I made a huge pot full of Spicy Bean Chilli and a pan full of rice.  There was only two of us in the end for tea, so I was left with a large amount of leftovers...

I made a chorizo fried rice, stir frying off some chorizo, then adding in a bucket load of sweetcorn and then added the left over rice and poured in some egg and stir fried it all up.  I reheated some of the chilli and served it all in a big pasta bowl.

For lunch the next day I decided to do a bit of a version of enchiladas, I added some of the spicy bean chilli to some tortilla wraps, folded them up and placed in a baking dish.  Then added some parmesan into some creme fraiche and poured that over the tortillas, with extra parmesan grated on the top. Then baked in the oven at 200 for 20 minutes.  Absolutely delicious lunch!

After 2 meals with it I was slightly chilli'd out, so the rest went in the freezer...

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  1. Brilliant Idea, I'd imagine this works with meat based chilli as well. Got shed loads in the freezer


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