Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Butterscotch sandwiched coffee cake

I was sent a bottle of Butterscotch flavoured treat sauce to review by  www.bakingmad.com last week.  I'd intended on using it in a loaf cake, in replace of golden syrup - which I may still do - hangover permitting on Sunday.  

Over the weekend I'd got all the ingredients in to practise making a coffee flavoured layer cake for the next Clandestine Cake Club in Leeds, and intended on taking a lovely creation with me to Leeds Book Club.  All was well apart from forgetting the vital ingredient of icing sugar...   I ummed and ahhed about trying to grind up some of the caster sugar to create the fine sugar that is icing sugar, but then it came to me - I could try and sandwich the cake together with the treat sauce....

Now using this unorthodox method of sandwiching a cake turned out to be fairly successful, and also pretty delicious.  I simply squeezed a generous amount on each of the layers, smoothed over the cake and sandwiched on the next layer.

The only problem was that over the course of the afternoon the sauce ended up sinking into the cake, rather than sticking it.  If you were to eat the cake straight away you'd be fine.

I did actually make 5 layers, but two of the layers were so pitiful I was ashamed to take them with me to book club....

If I was eating the cake straight away I'd certainly use this again, and I can't wait to try and make the loaf cake using the sauce.  Mmmm butterscotch loaf cake.... Of course I'll also use it as it was intended - to go on top of icecream.... The sauce itself is lovely, butterscotchy, sweet and sticky.

Thank you Baking Mad for the sauce, it was a sticky solution to a sticky problem...

You can also find Baking Mad on Facebook.

The recipe for my Coffee Cake will be on the Leeds Book Club site in a few days.

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