Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Meal Planning Monday

I'm late again with this - life is getting in the way of being a good blogger at the moment...

So how did I get on with last weeks meals?

Monday - chicken stir fry with leftovers from yesterday's roast chicken
Tuesday - flatmate's bolognese
Wednesday - Swillington Farm sausages and mash with Rich
Thursday - Spicy tomato pasta
Friday - Carvery with Rich - meeting the new inlaws - argh scary!
Saturday - Eating out as part of friend's hen do
Sunday - more than likely any carbs I can lay my hands on....

 Monday I did have the stir fry
 Tuesday was my flatmates spag bol...

Wednesday - I can't remember what we had, but it wasn't the bangers and mash

Thursday - again can't remember what I had, but I didn't have spicy pasta

Friday - the carvery, and the meeting of the inlaws - which went well

Saturday - I was on a 50's themed hen do, and went to Wasabi Tepanyaki - very nice as usual

Sunday - as predicted, lots of carbs... breakfast of potato waffles, beans and scrambled eggs and a pizza for tea!

So, onto this week....

Monday -  Pizza Express (I had an American pizza)
Tuesday - Chickpea curry, coriander & garlic naan, homemade raita and popadoms
Wednesday - Carvery with the inlaws, it's their last night this visit
Thursday - "Budget" Salmon fishcakes, corn on the cob, potato salad
Friday - Whatever the P-Units feed me
Saturday - CAKE - it's Clandestine Cake Club
Sunday - I'll be at the rugby with Rich, who knows what we'll eat!


  1. Wow, you look fab in that fifties get up! Enjoy your week.


  2. Thank you, I enjoyed getting all dressed up! Hope you have a lovely week too!

  3. love your outfit for the hen do! what a great theme.
    i've got my hen do next weekend, getting a bit nervous about it as its a surprise... no idea what to expect!


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