Sunday, 25 September 2011

La Bottega Milanese - The Light

I've lost my cooking mojo lately, and certainly lost my baking mojo - if anyone finds them please return them to me.  So rather than lovingly create wondrous food stuffs myself I've been eating basic food in the house, and been more inspired when eating out.

I've been into Bottega 2 in the Light for coffee a couple of times, but hadn't had chance to eat in there.  Now I'm not hugely knowledgeable on coffee, I like the taste, but find the options of what to have rather scary.  Worse still, I never make proper coffee myself, I live off instant at home.  I can hear the coffee snobs judging....I love going into Bottega because I can simply ask Alex, the owner, what I should have and trust his judgement and recommendations for me completely - and the rest of his staff are equally as good.  I walked in with a raging hangover on Tuesday morning and declared I needed something strong that would get rid of my hangover.  I had a double shot latte (I think) and felt much better after it!

I tend to always pick Flat White when I'm out for coffee, I went for years having things like Vanilla Latte, or gingerbread latte etc, but I just can't get on with them now, so a flat white seems like a simple but effective coffee.

A couple of weekends ago I was having an impromptu shopping session with my cousin, and dragged her upto Bottega 2 for a spot of lunch.  We had a couple of sandwiches, I had one of those coffee's with the icecream in - which I love - but I can't remember what they're called - someone educate me with the name please!  My cousin had a lemonade, being preggy and not allowed any delicious coffee.

I love the atmosphere in both Bottegas, and the service.  I haven't connected with Laynes Espresso, the other indie coffee place in Leeds, as well, I've tried a few times with them and just don't get the same ease that I do at Bottega.

What's your favourite coffee place in Leeds?

Like everyone else I'm really wishing we'd hurry up and get a really good tea place too!

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