Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lettuce Soup

My parents garden is currently home to a glut of lettuce and potatoes, whenever I'm there I have more thrust upon me!  I had a full lettuce to use, and after eating salad for lunch every day for the last week I didn't fancy salad for my tea.  I'd heard lettuce soup discussed on twitter before, so decided to have a look at recipes.

I was particular taken with this Creamy Lettuce and Arugula soup recipe on

I have no idea what a yukon potato is, and have never seen arugula, so made my own version using that recipe as my inspiration.

1 enormous lettuce
1 large onion
6 potatoes
half a bag of spinach
1 Litre of vegetable stock
splash of double cream
goats cheese

Roughly chop the onion and cook until soft in a large pan.  While that's cooking peel and cube the potatoes. Add the potatoes to the pan and then add in the stock.  I used 1L, but I think this could work with 750ml better, if you prefer a thicker soup. Simmer the potato and onions in the stock for 20 mins with a lid on the pan.

When the potatoes are soft add the lettuce and the spinach, pop the lid back on and let it swelter down for 3 mins.  

Doesn't look all that appetising at this stage does it!

When the greens have wilted down it's time to get your blend on.  This is my new hand blender, I'm quite taken with it!  

 When blended your mixture will be a fabulous shade of earthy green.

Adding the cream mutes the colour and adds some luxury to the soup. I just drizzled about a quarter of my tub in.

Stir the cream through and allow it to gently heat within the soup, then it's time to serve.

I added a whopping great chunk of goats cheese and enjoyed a warmed ciabatta for dipping into the soup.

I didn't expect the soup to be quite as tasty as it was - I didn't add any extra stock because I sometimes find that using the vegetable oxo gives it enough salt - I'm probably wrong, but I like my soup like this.  I dipped my bread into the soup, which tasted good enough, but when you add the goats cheese into the mix it's a delightful taste sensation.

The soup tastes good for you, but not to the extent of Aduki Bean Stew.... Anyone that's had that will know what I mean... Adding in the cream gives the soup a touch of luxury, and then adding the goats cheese is a work of sheer indulgence.

Lovely!  Please try some for yourselves.


  1. I wasn't convinced by the idea of this, but it actually looks very appetising. I like green soup! And of course the addition of cheese is always a good thing...

  2. I think I'm right in saying that arugula is American for rocket.

    Never tried lettuce soup - but I have to admit, it looks scrummy here!


  3. Arugula is indeed rocket in the US. Yukon Gold potatoes are just a waxy, yellow-fleshed (as opposed to white-fleshed and floury) variety available in North America. Desiree, Charlotte, Nicola and Pink Fir are suitable replacements, or anything better suited to salads and roasties rather than mash and jackets.


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