Saturday, 24 September 2011

Wine of the week - Roko Cabernet Sauvingnon

I've had a red and a white wine this week, the white was a fairtrade Cape Nelson Sauvingnon Blanc which I think was from Sainsburys, and the Roko Cabernet Sauvingnon from Tesco.

(I only went to Tesco out of sheer desperation, I normally avoid all Tesco shops like the plague).

The white was a bit harsh, which it being half price down from £12 I wasn't expecting and was very disappointed.

I'm only just getting back into red wine mode, with the season change, and picked this Roko one on a whim when the urge to drink wine - any wine - was high.  I wasn't expecting it to be upto much but I really enjoyed it.

I didn't eat with it, well a couple of pieces of toast and a wedge of cheese can't count as a meal can it, so I can't recommend that it's good with food.  But it was cheap and drinkable.

It didn't set my tastebuds jumping, but I didn't expect it to either.

What have you been drinking this week?

I had cocktails last night and I'm off boozy bowling this afternoon - it's my birthday on Monday so celebrations have started early.


  1. One (of many) I've tried & from memory, one that benefits from being accompanied with food.

    If memory serves right, it supported a spag. bol. very well & brings more flavors to the table, when drinking with food.


  2. I bought a bottle last week as it was 1/2 price , it was nice so went back for another and they had it back to full price... Typical Tesco eh!


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