Thursday, 27 October 2011

Aubergine Curry

I've made Aubergine Curry (Baingan Bharta) from this recipe lots of times, but on Saturday I decided I knew better and made this recipe up myself... It worked, although was FAR too hot for my taste, next time I do it I will only use half a chilli....

1 Aubergine
1 red chilli
1 large onion
Knob of ginger
Cumin seeds
Tsp ground cumin
Tsp Turmeric
Few Curry Leaves
Tbsp Dried Coriander
4 dessert spoons of chopped tomatoes
1 clove of garlic
Natural Yoghurt


I chopped the aubergine, sprinkled with salt and some fry light and then popped into the oven for 25 mins at 200.

While that was roasting I put some cumin seeds in with olive oil and let that get hot while I chopped the onion, garlic, chilli and ginger.  When the cumin seeds started sizzling I added the onions etc and the turmeric and ground cumin.

When the aubergine was finished roasting I added that to the rest of the curry, with the 4 tbsp's of chipped tomatoes and stirred it round.  I added the curry leaves and then about half the tub of yoghurt and seasoned with salt.
Whenever I've made this dish the yoghurt has split - I'm not sure if it's meant to, but I don't mind it doing that.  I left the curry to cook for another 5 mins and then served with a sprinkling of dried coriander and some bread... I forgot to buy naans!

I loved the flavours, but it was so hot I had to put extra yoghurt in to cool it down!


  1. Looks good, I love aubergine curries. Try dhal baingan. Make dhal. Cook an aubergine (in hot oven or over gas hob flame) until it's all charred and soft and lovely. chuck it in the dhal. Add butter. Job done!

  2. that looks good. i got an aubergine in my veg box this week, i might try this at the weekend.

  3. Love the sound of the aubergine curry.
    You can do a few things to stop the yogurt splitting.
    1) Use a full fat yogurt, it splits less I find, not sure why though maybe something to do with the proteins.
    2) Add a starch to the yogurt before adding it as emulsifier like corn or chick pea flour.
    3) Take the pan off the heat add the yogurt a spoonful at a time stiring it in as you go then return it to the heat to heat through but don't boil it.


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