Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Cornucopia Leeds

On Sunday I was invited to the bloggers breakfast at the Cornucopia Leeds event held in the beautiful Corn Exchange building in Leeds.

The event was described as:

An event to showcase the finest food and drink producers in the North of England, from primary produce, fresh from the Autumn harvest, through to the most sumptuous of patisserie ....

So I couldn't wait to go and find out more.  It was quite hard not going in on the Saturday, particularly as so many of my twitter friends were raving about the stalls and produce on offer.

I arrived at the Corn Exchange at 9.30am and grabbed a table with Joe boy and Jo Girl of Food and Biscuits fame and dived into the food after a short guide on what each item was.

Breakfast Brownies from the Yummy Yank - these were delicious


 Brioche from Sunshine Bakery with Pudsey Pickles preserves (the Strawberry and Champagne jam was my favourite)

Nanaimo Bar from Fayre by Alley

 Cappucino from Primo's, but I think was coffee from Casa Espresso
Buffalo sausages from Tenter House Farm, with chilli jam from the chilli jam man - a great combination!

It was lovely to have the opportunity to try these, and to have a good chat with Rebecca about Cornucopia and other foodie stuff, and also to sit and chat with fellow food bloggers.

After I'd scoffed some grub I took a wander round the stalls.

I stopped to chat at the Yummy Yank's stall and check out these amazing layered cakes.  After that I was enticed to the flower stall from Ready Planted, and had a lovely chat about the importance of buying British flowers and where to buy the elusive cabbage rose that I want so much!  I was very tempted to buy some lillies but I don't have a vase at the flat, putting flowers in a pint glass just isn't right...

On my way round from there I stopped to chat with Edd from Swillington Farm, the blog post by Elizabeth on Swillington Farm's meat boxes is still attracting readers.

I couldn't go past Lianne's stall without stopping to take some pictures. Her Rose jam had been a big hit over the weekend, no wonder with such lovely presentation.

After trying the buffalo sausages I was intrigued to check out the stall and couldn't resist picking up some Buffalo Burgers, can't wait to eat them.  I also bought the EXTREME hot chilli jam as a Christmas present for my Dad - that'll teach him for putting hot pepper sauce on everything I cook....

The chocolates from Lauden Chocolate looked absolutely amazing, but I managed to resist buying any.  Likewise the fantastic looking Sausage Rolls from Sunshine Bakery - I walked quickly past to avoid being tempted by one!

The next Cornucopia event is a Christmas one 21st-23rd December at the Corn Exchange. I have my fingers crossed there might be a late night on one of those days so I can get along to it too!


  1. Oh wow, I definitely fancy going to that in December - I've just put it in my Outlook calendar! It sounds amazing, and it is so great to support local producers.

    Am especially enamoured of the idea of breakfast brownies :-))


  2. It sound like a great event, I really wanted to go but poorly children prevented it. The Christmas one is in the diary.


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