Saturday, 22 October 2011

Distrikt Leeds

Absolutely ages ago I went to Distrikt for tea on a Foraged Monday with the wonderful Katie Buffalo, one of my favourite people in Leeds.  Here's a picture of us enjoying some sunshine...

Distrikt is a pretty cool place to drink, probably on the verge of being too cool for me, but I'd been in quite a few times regardless of worries I'm not cool enough.  It's always come highly recommended for food, but I hadn't ever eaten in there, so when they tweeted me and asked me to pop in that Monday I thought why not.

I wasn't sure if I should be announcing myself when I arrived, and nobody seemed to recognise me. I'll be honest - I breathed a sigh of relief that I could do a normal review, it's hard to be fully honest when you get a free meal.  I sat at the bar and attempted to pick some wine...

Now picking wine for me - it's fine, picking it for someone who also likes wine, but you aren't too sure if they'll like the same as you isn't fine.  In the end I picked.  I went and sat down and shortly after the wine arrived so did Katie.

We had the foraged menu brought over and picked a selection from that, and from the normal tapas menu.

Whitebait - whitebait is my new love since having it for the first time a few months ago, if it's on the menu then I want to try it!

Pitta and dips - I wasn't keen on the rose one but Katie liked it, and other people I've talked to have raved about it

Pork belly with peaches - I loved this dish so much, pork belly is a huge favourite of mine 

I *think* this was squid with chorizo

Chicken wings

I can't actually remember what this was - Katie help me out here - Crayfish?

We enjoyed our food, the wine and had a good old chat.  The Monday night atmosphere is really nice and relaxed, so I felt very comfortable and not as though I wasn't cool enough to be there at all.  As I can't actually remember what some dishes were a month later I think I'd better start making notes in future - bad blogger.

I went up to pay our bill and asked the lady who'd been serving us if she'd let the person who'd invited me down know that I'd been in. 

Oh dear.  She was the lady who'd invited me down.... Look of horror on her face, profuse apologies that she'd forgotten that I was coming in.... I realised I should have announced myself...

Rosita ushered me back to the table, brought over a couple more glasses of wine and told us some desserts would be coming out to try.  Well you can't refuse a free dessert can you.

The strawberries were delicious, and the cream in the banana was nice - but I regretting trying the banana - I know fine well I don't like warm banana, why oh why do I keep trying with it?  Katie enjoyed it though.

We headed off after these to North Bar for beers, which seemed a superb idea at the time but I fully regretted in the morning....

I'd definitely go back to Distrikt for food, on either the Foraged Monday, or on a Wednesday which is half price tapas night.  I love the fact that Distrikt source locally, from Leeds Market, and that the menu is seasonal and the foraged menu changes by the month.

Thank you to Rosita for the wine and desserts, and I'm sorry for the confusion of not letting you know it was me earlier!


  1. mmm looks fab will have to give it a try!

  2. The whitebait looks good. Are they related to sardines? Also, I love warm banana and would have gladly eaten your portion all up... ; }

  3. @littlepatts we should have a little foodie tweet up and go on a weds for some half price tapas

    @Sonia - I did a little google search and I think they're young herring - you are more than welcome to any warm bananas!!! :)


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