Wednesday, 26 October 2011

La Tasca bloggers event

I am disgracefully late in posting this, due to breaking my phone and losing all the pictures I took. Very annoying...

So - La Tasca, my experience of the Leeds restaurant was that if you were in a group you'd get good service and if you were in a couple you were ignored - and I can't remember what I thought about the food.  Until the event last week it's not somewhere I would have chosen to go.

I opted to go to the event to see if they could change my mind, and to see what the new decor looked like.

We started the event with a Sangria lesson, on making La Tasca's Traditional Sangria, which uses Sangria Wine, Vodka, White Rum, Orange Liquor, Lemonade and fruit and then the Cava Sangria, which used Blackcurrant liquor, Peach Schnapps, Lemonade and Cranberries.  The lesson was very entertaining (you can see from Becca's picture below that we were all enthralled - I'm enjoying the Traditional Sangria here).

After the Sangria we were taken to the carving of the Iberico Ham. We were shown by a member of La Tasca staff how to carve, and told about the history of Iberico and then bloggers were given the opportunity to try it themselves.  I declined the offer, not wanting to sever any of my limbs, or my fellow bloggers.

We were then taken downstairs to eat.  I was really impressed with the downstairs decor - in fact I don't remember there being a downstairs before?

Upon being seated, tucking into some olives and being plied with more lovely Sangria the tapas started coming out.

Albondigas, Chorizo, Goats cheese ciabatta, Mixed bean salad, Patatas Bravas, Gambas Gabardina and more....

It was all lovely - not one dish wasn't of a high quality - but I'd expect that at a bloggers event in fairness.  After eating we were asked to score out of ten, Come Dine With Me style.  I think I went for an 8, which for a tapas meal is a good score for me!  I think the menu has changed quite considerably since I was last in La Tasca, it was concise - splitting dishes into From the Sea, From the Field and From the Garden, which I really liked.  I'd be interested to see how their paella stands up against mine or my Grandma's (who does the best Paella around).

I'll certainly be going back to La Tasca, particularly because people are now encouraged to sit at the bar, have some wine and a couple of tapas dishes as you would do in Spain.  What could be better for a Friday night after work drinks and some food?  I particularly liked the attitude of Declan, the General Manager of La Tasca Leeds, he was passionate, knowledgeable and didn't mind answering our numerous questions.

A big thank you to Manifest Communications and La Tasca Leeds for a lovely evening.

Here's some pictures courtesy of Claire - if you don't read her blog then please do check it out!

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  1. Sounds delicious. I haven't been in La Tasca for years, but i'll def be in now!


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