Monday, 24 October 2011

Meal Planning Monday

Monday - Butternut Squash and Red Pepper soup
Tuesday - Jacket potato and cottage cheese
Wednesday - Lasagne & salad
Thursday - fajitas?
Friday -  blogger event
Saturday - curry
Sunday - vegetable bake, pork loin, mash

Haven't decided what curry I'll be doing on Saturday, I've been enjoying having veggie ones recently so perhaps a cauliflower and potato one?

What are you eating this week?  You can check out all the other meal planning entries on Mrs M's blog.


  1. Hi Rach, Inspired by Prashad in Bradford, I've been making daal with a spicy potato and green chilli curry, the daal is comforting and gentle alongside the kick of the potatoes

  2. Ooh Karen that sounds yummy!

  3. Hi Rach! Come to Kirstall Deli market on Saturday. I'll be there working on our veg stall. All grown in Pudsey!

  4. All sounds really yummy! Hope the aubergine curry went well last Sat (I loooove aubergine).


  5. Hi Jen - I'm sorry I can't make Kirkstall market this weekend, will you be at the next?

    Hi Seren - the aubergine curry recipe will be up tomorrow :)

  6. I've not had lasagne in ages, really want one now so I know that will be going on the menu this week for sure!


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