Friday, 4 November 2011

La Rocas, Wakefield

On Friday last week I attended a blogger event at La Rocas.  I'd suggested they do a blogger event, and tried several times to get them to email out info to the other attendees but that didn't happen, I felt kind of responsible for the event, and quite miffed they ignored my advice.  We weren't given any information when we got there either, strange way to handle a blogger event really.  I've since been told that the twitter account of La Rocas isn't handled by the restaurant itself, which can't have helped matters.

But anyway.

I've been to La Rocas before, for lunch. We took advantage of the 3 for £5 deal - it was great, so I was expecting good stuff from the evening menu too.

We were settled down at a table and served a large amount of food. My favourite dish was the sharing platter.  I personally don't care that it wasn't "authentic", and I'd imagine neither do any of their customers.  They don't pretend to be an authentic tapas restaurant, and I like garlic bread.  The majority of the food was OK, but unfortunately a couple of dishes really weren't.

Would it stop me from eating at La Rocas again - no. But I was disappointed they served it to a group of food bloggers though, the reviews of the food haven't been good, I feel for La Rocas that the event wasn't successful.

I wouldn't normally order a dessert in a tapas restaurant but I was really hoping we'd be wowed by them and it would turn things round food-wise.  They were homemade, and sweet. I'd change a few things if I was making them, but that's just me.

After the food we were invited to the bar to try a cocktail each.  As with most cocktails in Wakefield they were very colourful...

I enjoyed the evening, and I will still recommend La Rocas for lunch.  But I can't get over feeling so disappointed by the food and the fact nobody spoke to us though.  It was a wasted opportunity for La Rocas.

I also think I've been to too many blogger events recently, and will be taking a break from them to concentrate on my own food.  Being so busy is taking it's toll on me.

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  1. I do believe I was invited to go, Via Twitter, but as it wasn't about Tea and Cake I declined. Although I do like Spanish Food.


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