Monday, 28 November 2011

Recent eats

I've been a busy little bee of late, this week isn't any better - Las Iguanas tonight, meeting a friend for a drink tomorrow, wine tasting on Wednesday, Cardamom Black on Thursday and at a gig on Friday....

On Thursday last week I went to the Taste at the Yelp Exchange evening, ate lots of treats and sampled a few drinks.  You can read my review on the Yelp site  My favourite stall was Mike, Indie Ices. The Mango Kulfi lolly made my night.

On Friday I grabbed a quick lunch with a colleague at Wokon in Headingley.  I opted for a seafood noodles dish, which was nice, although the calamari was rubbery.  It was possibly the hottest food I've had in a long, long time.  I'm talking heat hot here, not spicy hot.  I tried leaving it to cool but kept burning my mouth!  We know for next time that we have enough time to walk back to the office while it cools down to an acceptable eating temperature.

On Saturday I went to a Thanksgiving Buffet and stuffed myself with an obscene amount of food, and drank wine from a pint glass.... I was having it in half pints though, not full pints of wine....  I had a super evening, with lovely company and tremendous food.  I also had a revelation trying KT's Pumpkin Pie - it was heavenly!!! I thought I hated pumpkin, but if all pumpkin pie tastes as good as hers then I'm a convert.  
(I suspect they don't all taste as good.)

On Sunday I had a brief trip to the German Market for a Sausage and a hot choc with baileys.  It was far too busy and filled with idiots with MASSIVE pushchairs and was making me angry, so we left and I bought some new shoes.

In the evening I was at Phill's and he made us Pork sandwiches with stuffing and apple sauce for tea.

I'm just looking at the Las Iguanas menu to try and decide what to have for tea this evening. Has anyone else found their website confusing? It's taken me ten minutes just to get to the menu!  I won't be posting a review on them, I'm out for my Mum's birthday and don't want to be rude stopping them eating while I take pictures of it all...

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