Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Prosecco Conegliano

This week has been all about Prosecco for me.  On Saturday I had a friend round for Sausage and Bean Casserole and maximum booze consumption.  I had two brandies while I waited for her to arrive, then we had a bottle of wine with our casserole, the wine wasn't of a great quality, so we decided to go purchase more.  On the way it seemed like an excellent idea to go to the pub...

At the pub I had three pints of ale and another brandy... It all got a bit hazy after that... We'd stumbled into Sainsbury's to purchase the finest wines known to man.  At some point I declared fizz a necessity, and we saw the Prosecco was on offer.  I vaguely remember the journey home, cracking open the Prosecco and then playing on the dancing game for the Kinnect whilst shoving our faces full of crisps.  We somehow got through a bottle and a half of Prosecco, on top of the rest of the booze.

Needless to say I wasn't very well on Sunday....

Fast forward to Monday and there's still half a bottle of Prosecco going to waste in my fridge.  It seemed rude not to drink it.

This Prosecco is on offer in Sainsbury's at £6.99 down from £10.49.  I only know this because I looked on the Sainsbury's website, not from remembering....

It's the best supermarket Prosecco I've had, but I've only had a couple - I'll need to do some further research before I can declare it my favourite of all supermarket Prosecco's.  It was delicately fizzy, deliciously crisp, but more subtle than champagne.  Definitely one that I'd purchase again.

On Thursday I also had Prosecco at Distrikt and then at Pin in Leeds.  I'd put the Distrikt one at the best of the two, but the £20 price hurt my purse the day before pay day!

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  1. I want to enjoy this holiday season with Prosecco and champagne.thanks! keep it up!


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