Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas Star Buns

I was contacted by Baking Mad and asked if I'd like to have a go at making some Christmas Cupcakes.  I haven't done any baking in ages so thought why not.  There's loads of cupcake recipes to choose from on the website, but I was taken with a recipe for Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes.

My only amendments to the recipe were to use dark muscavado sugar and a teaspoon of baking powder.

I've never baked using sunflower oil or creme fraiche so I was interested how they'd turn out.

I overfilled the bun cases, so ended up with almost muffins.  But who minds a big bun?

They aren't incredibly Christmas looking, but they have a festive star, and tasted lovely, especially with a brew.  The only thing I wasn't happy with was that the bun was really crumbly.  I did like the chocolate chips though.

I'm tempted to have a go and make these Christmas Cupcakes from the Baking Mad website next weekend, the bun should be nice and Christmassy with the mixed spice.  These snowman cupcakes are really cute too.

I still don't really like calling buns cupcakes, or to cover the whole bun with icing.

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  1. They look nice :) We do buns in this house too although they do get covered in icing & every sprinkle in the cupboard as the 3 year old is in charge of decoration.


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