Thursday, 15 December 2011

Homemade Christmas! by LuttyRR

Hi All,

I am Rach's Cousin and she has asked me to contribute to her blog with some festive Homemade Goodies and Ideas! We have all decided at my mums that this year we are making our Christmas Gifts for each other so here is my list of things to make...

So far I have made:

  1. Blackberry Chutney

  2. My own recipe - 'Lovely Festive Chutney' - Apple, Tomato and Cranberry

  3. Some popcorn goodies to go with my movie night present package - a gift experience they should all love! I hope x

  4. Lots of Red and White pompoms - not exactly sure what for yet - maybe decorating the presents instead of ribbons.
To be made:

  1. Canvases for my mum and dad and sister and fella... saying 'We <3 Mummy and Daddy' with tiny hand prints and 'We <3 Grandma and Granddad' with tiny hand prints.

  2. Wheaty Hand warmers

  3. Decorated Candles with picked Holly for Christmas Centre Piece.

  4. Christmas Pudini's - Nigella Recipe

  5. Brittle Peanut - Nigella Recipe

  6. Cloved Oranges - as a bit of a joke!

  7. A Pasta Collage - take u back to primary school - also a joke!
So let me know if you interested!

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