Monday, 12 December 2011

Perfect Sunday

Sunday lunch at the Midnight Bell.  Putting up Christmas decorations. Wrapping Christmas presents.  Drinking wine. Watching films and trashy tv.

What could be a more perfect Sunday?

 I'd shouted out on Twitter yesterday morning for Sunday lunch recommendations, I had Town Hall Tavern, Milo and the Midnight Bell recommended.  Town was a bit chaotic, and we were parked in the excessively expensive NCP, so we decided to grab the car and head round to the Midnight Bell.  We were very lucky and grabbed a table before a rush of people and settled down to have the 2 course Sunday lunch.

I opted for Whitebait to start, my only complaint with it would be I'd have liked more of the mayo, other than that it was spot on.  Phil had the pate, which was lovely.  Because I'd mentioned we were sharing our waitress brought us extra toast, which I thought was good.  I had the Turkey for main and Phil went for the beef.  The turkey was OK, but the beef was the star of the show, gorgeous flavour, pink and tender.  We were absolutely stuffed after the two courses so I was glad we didn't opt to do three!

We left there and headed back to Phil's, he put the tree up, with my token gesture of hanging three baubles and then we wrapped some Christmas presents before settling in front of the TV to watch Brief Encounter and Love Actually.

During the week I'd won a bottle of wine from Latitude Wines in Leeds, we popped down yesterday and picked it up.  I wasn't overly keen on it, I'm just not a Chardonnay fan, but drank it anyway... Then drank the Prosecco we had in the fridge... and then sent Phil out for another bottle of wine.  We were pretty sozzled come 10pm.... but it's Christmas, it's allowed!

I'm not sure a Sunday can get much better than yesterday!


  1. Your tree trimming ritual sounds a bit like ours. Food, wine, tree, wine! Did you feel a bit shabby after?

  2. sounds like an excellent sunday to me, try the cross keys next to the bell, good sunday lunches in there as well.


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