Sunday, 18 December 2011

Recent happenings and eats

I've had a busy week this week (I don't seem to have any other kind of week at the moment).

I had Wednesday - Friday off from work, on Wednesday I did a huge chunk of Christmas shopping, and I committed a food sin.

I had a McDonalds.  I know.  We'll say no more about this lapse of judgement and move swiftly on.  I had Fajitas for tea, but they weren't exciting enough to photograph. Fajitas are fajitas.

On Thursday I went to Wales with Phil, we had a coffee each and a bacon butty in the services and it cost a whopping £15.  Unbelievable.  Lesson learned - picnic next time!  We got back late and didn't want to cook so we had a takeaway pizza.  More naughty food.

On Friday it was my Christmas party, I had my nails doing and hair doing lined up for the morning, with a lovely window of an hour to pop down to Bottega Milanese on the Calls for a couple of coffees and a millionaires shortbread.

Shiny nails

After my hair doing I dashed over to the Corn Exchange for the second Friday Picnic, this one having a ginger theme.  I had a hot toddy, a samosa, a ginger cheesecake and then some sushi from Fish&, as well as having a good old catch up with some of my favourite Leeds peoples.

sushi from Fish&

I dashed home and had a couple of hours rest before getting ready and heading back out to my christmas party.

Me, all dolled up

We had our Christmas party at Carluccios and all headed there with great expectations.  I was a little disappointed though, but as it's Christmas will give them the benefit of the doubt and head back in the new year some time.  We had antipasti to start, which was good, not the best I've ever had but certainly not the worst.  For main I had chicken wrapped in bacon.  My chicken came butterflied, with some bacon on the top, and smothered in an extreme amount of a buttery sauce.  It made it slimy.  I didn't eat it all.  For dessert I had the cheeseboard.  There had been a large amount of office excitement about the cheeseboard.  Our hopes and dreams were dashed when we were presented with a plate with three lumps of cheese on, and an abnormally large cracker.  We'd envisaged platters to share in the middle of the table.  It was very disappointing.

Yesterday I headed out to Bingley to see my friend Chrissie so she could give my laptop a tune up and so we could have a catch up before the festive period.  We went out for tea to the Airedale Heifer  I wish I'd taken some pics but I dived straight into eating.  I had goats cheese and blackpudding to start, but that was a huge portion and almost filled me up.  For main I had Cod Mornay which was delightfully cheesy and fishy, but I could only eat a smidgen of it before my IBS reared it's ugly head and ruined my meal.  I'm finding I can only eat small portions at the moment, if I eat anything too big, or too spicy, then it sets off my IBS.  It's putting me off food a bit.

Today I've been baking.  I'm debating over doing a post on these, they didn't go quite to plan.  My buns didn't rise, and then my second icing wouldn't set and I ran out of icing sugar.  I went ahead and used it anyway.

These are Spiced buns with a swirl of plain buttercream, then a dollop of satsuma buttercream, with edible orange glitter for extra festive sparkle... 

You can just about see the one at the back that I dropped a bucketload of glitter on...oops!

This evening I've had beef stew in a homemade giant yorkshire pudding.  Just what I needed after eating out so much!

I'll be eating fairly lightly next week in preparation of gorging (as much as I can gorge) over the Christmas weekend.  


  1. I hear you about eating out too much. I ate out four times last week. Roll on the New Year, my clothes are too tight!!!

  2. You're right, I definitely need this next week - only eating out once!

  3. OMG that beef stew looks AMAZING! x

  4. Hmmm, Carluccios doesn't sound great from that write up - but you're right, Christmas menus usually don't show places to their best advantage.

    Those buns are sooooo pretty!!


  5. You look so pretty!
    I am officially tired of food (I say as I stuff my face with crisps and sour cream dip at 9:45 in the morning). We should plan in the new year to do something that doesn't involve eating and drinking ourselves to obliteration - maybe a proper walk on the Chevin or something.


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